Many organizations just “make do” with their phone systems and endure connection problems. They compromise on the features they need, or they sacrifice having access to any phone support at all, because they’re comfortable with their old hardware. These organizations ignore new VoIP phone solutions because they can “get by” with their old phones. 

But the costs of these legacy phone systems are egregious. Over the years, the fees slowly add up. Organizations that don’t review their phone plans end up paying more for much less.  

Traditional legacy phone systems cause a variety of problems for employees, such as: 

  • dropped calls 
  • call flow issues 
  • quality issues 
  • lost or poor connectivity 

These phone system providers don’t have effective staff available to solve these problems. You’ll wait on hold only for your call to eventually be answered by someone who just can’t help. As a result, your organization suffers while waiting for a resolution to what should be a simple problem.  

When Communication Breaks Down 

It’s ironic when a phone provider is the cause of communication issues, but that’s the issue many government organizations face. Especially when a provider utilizes multiple vendors to offer communications services, there is no accountability for technical failures.  

Your problem gets passed around from one vendor to the next with no resolution in sight. When there are more vendors to deal with, communication time also takes longer – again extending the time that you’re stuck with the problem, waiting on a solution.  

Fixing Problems Through Modern VoIP Phone Solutions 

To operate efficiently and on budget, you need a communications partner that’s on your side. Our team at FreedomLinx is proud to provide powerful VoIP phone solutions that include modern features to elevate your organization’s phone systems while also reducing your costs. 

Real-Time Communication 

To communicate effectively with customers, partners, clients, and vendors, you need the ability to easily switch from an audio phone call to a video call and back, or from a two-way video call to a large conference call, or between other types of calls.  

If your phone software doesn’t support the ability to video conference, that creates communication problems. In this day and age, our phones need to be more than an office landline system. FreedomLinx provides real-time unified communications solutions that include audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, corporate chat, and more. 

Online Access on Any Device 

Flexibility is crucial in the modern world. Your staff needs to be able to work from anywhere and on any available device. With our communications platform, you can access your shared phonebooks & presence information on PC, desk phones, DECT handsets, and mobile devices. You can also take these steps to increase your VoIP phone call quality while working from home. 


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Web-Based and Intuitive Collaboration 

FreedomLinx’s Collaboration web interface offers a customizable view of colleagues, is grouped by work teams, and provides real-time presence information of users. It’s easy to use and based in your browser, eliminating the need to learn a new program.  

Bring Your Own Device 

If your organization already owns the hardware you need, and you are looking for a crystal-clear connection and excellent customer support, you can bring your own devices to your partnership with us. We also offer a variety of phone products if you need to upgrade or replace office hardware. 

Cost Savings 

At FreedomLinx, we know how easy it is for phone bills to slowly increase over time – until that slow increase ultimately results in a cost that’s much higher than the original contract. One of our clients was spending $20,000 a month on communication services from AT&T. We were able to restructure and reduce their phone bill by 75% month over month. We know how important it is that your costs don’t balloon, and we will take the necessary steps to keep you on budget. 

Seven Certified Phone Technicians 

Don’t worry about having to wait for a call center rep to finally pick up your call. With seven certified phone technicians on staff, we prioritize direct, efficient, responsible support. We won’t kick your problems down the road to another vendor. We have the technical abilities to solve your problems quickly. 

Once you’ve submitted your problem, we will respond within an hour or less, and our average response time is 15 minutes or less. We will keep you updated throughout the process as we resolve your issue. You won’t have to wait and wonder if there’s any work being done; we’ll keep you informed so you’ll know progress is being made and as soon as we have a resolution. 

Take It From Our Google Reviews: 

“This is an excellent company.  We have been a customer for about four years. The responsiveness is outstanding. If you need technology services, you cannot do better than FreedomLinx.” – Janice Risoya 

Partner With FreedomLinx for Worry-Free Communications Solutions 

We are your one-stop shop for unified communications services, from phones to IT and everything in between. Our team at FreedomLinx will work directly with you to understand how your organization works, what you currently need, your long-term future goals, and the issues you’re having. Then we utilize our technical knowledge of phone and IT services to structure a way to meet your current needs and set you up for future success. 


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