At FreedomLinx, we’re not just another VoIP and IT solutions provider—we’re the game-changers that businesses trust to revolutionize their communication systems. Recently, we had the opportunity to transform the communication infrastructure of Athens County’s government offices.   

As a proud Wildix Gold partner, we delivered a cutting-edge solution that didn’t just meet their needs but exceeded expectations, significantly improving efficiency and service delivery. Our innovative approach saved the county time, money, and countless headaches, proving once again that FreedomLinx is the ultimate partner for modern communication solutions. 

The Communication Challenge  

Athens County, with a population of 63,000, faced significant communication challenges within their government offices. Their outdated system made it difficult for employees to connect with specific colleagues or transfer external calls efficiently. As JoAnn Rockhold, county clerk for the Athens County Board of Commissioners, put it, “We had extensions, but with 600 county employees, trying to remember direct lines was an ongoing issue.”  

The inefficiency wasn’t just an inconvenience—it was a significant time drain and a source of frustration. Ms. Rockhold often found herself troubleshooting communication breakdowns across various departments, including critical areas like the dog shelter and the courts. 

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The FreedomLinx Solution  

Seeking a more reliable and user-friendly system, Athens County turned to FreedomLinx and our Wildix PBX solution. Our team quickly recognized this communication solution as the perfect fit for Athens County government offices, as we knew it would get them everything they needed in one place. The transition was seamless, thanks to our consultative approach and dedicated support.  

Our solution integrated Wildix with a heavy focus on crucial Collaboration features, which allowed for efficient call handling and transfers, as well as improved internal communication. Employees could now see the availability of colleagues, chat with each other, and easily transfer calls within the system. This interconnectivity was a game-changer for the county offices and their departments. 

Remarkable Results 

The implementation of the Wildix system, managed by FreedomLinx, brought about significant improvements:  

Increased Efficiency 

The new system saved each employee one to two hours of work per day, while also improving overall public satisfaction. With their staff able to send callers to direct lines instead of transferring them multiple times, the number of disgruntled callers significantly decreased. 

Reliable Support 

FreedomLinx provides consistent, high-quality support. Ms. Rockhold highlighted, “FreedomLinx is always the same quality of service for us. It’s being able to get ahold of someone when you need them, whether that’s on a Sunday night or in the evening or on the way home. It’s someone answering the phone to help you when you’re in need.”   

Smart Working Capabilities 

The Wildix mobile app enabled remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees could take calls on their cell phones without revealing personal numbers, ensuring continuity of service. Now, post- pandemic, it continues to allow Athen’s government office employees mobility and flexibility, taking and transferring calls from anywhere. 

Enhanced Communication 

The system’s address book feature made it easy to find and connect with the right person quickly, reducing the time spent on call transfers. Now, 600 county employees benefit from a unified communication system thanks to FreedomLinx. 

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Government Agencies and Businesses in Ohio Choose FreedomLinx 

By partnering with FreedomLinx, Athens County was able to enhance their communication infrastructure, resulting in greater efficiency and public satisfaction. Our unified communication solutions are designed to help local government agencies like Athens County and other organizations save time, money, and reduce stress, ensuring they can focus on what they do best—serving their community.  

Ms. Rockhold’s recommendation speaks volumes about our impact, “The phone system is very user-friendly. The conference calls are great, and transferring calls is wonderful. It’s the convenience of using this system that makes it worthwhile.”  

If you’re looking for a communication solution that can transform your organization, look no further than FreedomLinx. Let us help you achieve the same level of success and efficiency as Athens County. 

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