Effortless Security, Every Entry

Trust in a system where each access point is monitored, verified, and seamless.

Door Entry Systems Your Way


Tailor Your Options


Control At Your Fingertips


Accessible From Anywhere

Your Building, Your Rules: Ohio’s Premier Door Entry Systems Solutions

Step into the future of facility security with our electronic door entry systems. With FreedomLinx, you control access to your building down to every last detail – from key cards and smartphones to biometric scanning of fingerprints and retinas – ensuring only authorized people come and go. Our systems not only regulate and track access with precision, but they also allow you to designate individual permissions for specific rooms, keeping a record each time someone enters. Exclusive to Ohio, our dedicated tech teams ensure seamless installation and setup.


Flexible Access Options

Choose from facial recognition, key fobs, cell phones, biometrics, and more – no more relying just on keys.

Physical Control Enhanced

Upgrade your security game with a system that ensures only authorized personnel can enter.

Tailored Access for Each User

Give specific room access rights to individuals, ensuring everyone’s in the right place at the right time.

A Record You Can Rely On

Track every entry and exit, giving you a clear picture of building activity at all times.

Your Doorway to Advanced Security

Our door entry systems are more than just an upgrade; they’re a revolution in accessibility and security. Simple keys and key cards are fallible – facial scans, cell phones, and biometrics are the future of access. This level of flexibility doesn’t just offer more options; it provides complete control over your facility’s security. With our system, you’re not just keeping unwanted visitors out; you’re ensuring every entry is as seamless and secure as possible.

The Risks of Outdated Door Entry Systems


Never-ending Key Management

The constant hassle of managing physical keys, especially with employee turnover, can become time-consuming and costly.


Compromised Security

With traditional keys floating around, there’s a real risk to security. What if a lost key ends up in the wrong hands?


Uncontrolled Access

Not all staff need access to every room. Old systems can’t differentiate, potentially leading to unauthorized or unnecessary access.

How We Work With You

Door Entry Systems


Consultation & Assessment

First, we sit down with you to understand your specific needs and the security challenges you’re facing. This helps us tailor a door entry system that fits seamlessly into your facility’s requirements.


Customized Design

Based on our initial consultation, we design a system that uses the right combination of tools, be it key fobs, biometrics, or smartphone access. We ensure the design meets your unique requirements and offers maximum security.


Professional Installation

Our trained technicians, who are familiar with the unique challenges of Ohio building installations, will set up your system ensuring that every access point is covered and the technology integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure.


Training & Support

Once everything is up and running, we’ll guide your team on how to use the new system. Plus, we’re always here to offer support or make adjustments as your needs change.

Why We’re Your Best Bet for Door Entry Solutions

With an eye on the future and a history of excellence, FreedomLinx is here to simplify your door entry systems security. Our collective experience spans over five decades, with a history of satisfied and loyal clients, some of whom have trusted us for over 14 years. With seven certified technicians on board and a stellar track record in cost reduction, we ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

But more than the tech and savings, it’s our relationship-driven approach that truly sets us apart. We take the time to understand your business deeply, ensuring our solutions align with your specific needs and objectives. And with primary vendors like ZKTeco and secondary ones like PDK, we tailor solutions that range from single-site setups to enterprise solutions.

Last but not least, we believe support shouldn’t keep you waiting. Our responsive team ensures you receive help within an hour, with an average response time of just 15 minutes. In a world of automation, we prioritize the human touch, offering personalized, consultative relationships to ensure your door entry systems are just right for you.