FreedomLinx: Your Partner for Technology-Driven Growth

Experience the FreedomLinx difference, where technology becomes your ally, support becomes your constant, and success becomes your certainty.

Who We Are

FreedomLinx is a full-service IT and communications company with over five decades of collective team experience in the field. We provide enterprise-level IT and communications solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, with the ultimate goal of empowering our clients to achieve their business objectives seamlessly and efficiently through the strategic integration of technology.

Our extensive service portfolio includes VoIP phones, IT services, structured cabling and underground utility installation services, surveillance, internet solutions, door entry systems, IT support, and network services. These services are designed to enhance businesses’ operational efficiency and adapt to the evolving demands of the marketplace. We recognize that while technology is not the primary focus for many of our clients, it remains a vital, yet often challenging, aspect of modern business. Our approach is centered on making innovative technology accessible, affordable and manageable, ensuring that our clients stay at the cutting edge of innovation so they can seize tomorrow’s opportunities today.

Our Impact in Numbers


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Our Core Values

At FreedomLinx, our four core values guide every action and decision we make:


We deliver exceptional IT and communications solutions, exceeding our clients’ expectations through careful attention to detail, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement.


Our services go beyond the ordinary: We offer personalized support that is both responsive and proactive, while striving to build lasting relationships with our clients.


We deliver exceptional value for our clients’ investments by carefully analyzing their needs, developing cost-effective solutions, and optimizing their technology infrastructure to maximize their return on investment.


We treat our clients, partners, and employees with the utmost respect, valuing diversity of thought, fostering a collaborative environment, and encouraging open communication.

How We Help You

How We Help You


Technology Solutions

Our one-stop-shop approach to technology solutions eliminates the complexities of managing your IT needs, providing you with a single, reliable partner to handle everything from initial consultation and solution design to implementation and ongoing support. It’s like having an insurance policy for your IT needs, ensuring your business operations run smoothly and efficiently without tech-related disruptions.

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Installation Services

A robust and reliable infrastructure is the cornerstone of any thriving business. FreedomLinx’s expert installation services ensure that your structured cabling and underground utilities are meticulously installed, paving the way for seamless connectivity and long-lasting success. Our seasoned technicians are committed to minimizing disruptions to your operations and guaranteeing a smooth transition to your enhanced infrastructure. With FreedomLinx, you can rest assured that your business is future-ready, equipped with a foundation that can support your growth and innovation.

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Why Organizations Like Yours Partner With FreedomLinx

Organizations of all types and sizes rely on technology to operate efficiently, communicate effectively, and achieve their goals. However, managing complex IT infrastructures and keeping up with evolving technological advancements can be daunting and time-consuming. This is where FreedomLinx steps in as your one-stop-shop partner, providing comprehensive technology solutions, expert installation services, and unwavering support to organizations in a wide range of industries.

Since our inception in 2017, FreedomLinx has emerged as a leading provider of cost-effective and advanced installation solutions, consistently exceeding client expectations by delivering savings of up to 200%. Our commitment extends beyond cost savings; we are driven by a passion to transform technological investments into tangible business growth. With FreedomLinx, you can expect more than just a service provider; you gain a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring your network’s connectivity is not just reliable, but a catalyst for your success. Our carefully crafted technology and installation services are designed to deliver seamless, efficient, and future-ready solutions, empowering your organization to thrive in today’s interconnected world.